Garage Floor Repair and Restoration

Concrete repair in garages has different challenges than repairs made elsewhere in the building. Because most garages continue to operate during repair, phasing plans and protection of parked cars are key ingredients in any successful garage repair project. If deck coatings are part of the project, many areas will have a concrete repair phase, and then later a phase for deck coatings.

In the Northeast, much of the concrete repair is attributable to salts brought in on vehicles during the winter. Identifying and understanding chloride induced corrosion will lead to successful and long lasting repairs.

Repairs in garages often involve post-tensioned slabs, and can involve one way slabs, two way slabs, pan decks and joist decks. Occasionally garages will consist of combinations of conventionally reinforced areas and post-tensioned area, and/or combinations of the different slabs and decks outlined above. While the basic method of concrete repair is the same, structural support, form work, and other approaches and costs are not.