Parking Garage Restoration

Parking Garage Restoration

By: Armaco Construction | Jan 18, 2017 | Masonry Restoration

Here is a parking structure that is only 8 years old, the owner had to make a decision, rather quickly, after our initial inspection because they were unaware of the extent of the damage and did not realize that there parking garage could start to deteriorate so soon after being built.

We got to work putting together and executing a restoration plan which included, exposing the reinforcing where needed, cleaning and treating the reinforcing with a rust inhibitor and bonding agent, multiple patches throughout, a vehicular traffic coating which consisted of a primer coat, a base coat, a mid-coat with a heavy aggregate, and finally a top coat. All of this was indeed necessary to preserve the integrity of this parking structure.

If you are an owner or a manager faced with similar challenges on your parking garage or other structure set up an appointment today to have us stop by and put a plan together for your investment.




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Parking Garage Restoration

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