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Fire Tower Restoration and Repair

Have you had problems with your City of Philadelphia fire escape inspection? We can help!

As you may be aware the City of Philadelphia’s Property Maintenance Code requires all building owners to maintain their buildings in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary so as to not impose a threat to the public. Additionally, the Fire Code establishes specific requirements for periodic inspections off escapes and fire escape balconies and the filing of reports of such inspections. This document serves to inform the public of the method of reporting those inspections to the Department.

A fire escape/tower is thankfully one of the least used portions of an apartment building or condominium, However with being the least used it often becomes the least maintained and most overlooked area of the structure. This is a grave oversight as most times this is the only means of escape for owners and tenants..and should be meticulously maintained. Our professional masons have worked on multiple interior stair towers carrying out major and minor concrete repair, brick repair, re-pointing, crack treatment, removal of tripping hazards as well as interior and exterior waterproofing to the masonry. If your inspection states safe with repair and maintenance. Please fill out our contact form, we will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate.