Balcony Repair and Restoration

Repair to balconies can include concrete repair, and in a lot of situations railing removal/reinstallation or replacement, decorative waterproof deck coatings, replacement of caulk and repair of adjacent sub-straight. Two issues are unique to balconies.

The first is the proximity to the owner’s or tenants living quarters. With all of the potential activities listed above taking place within feet of the living quarters, a consistent systemic approach to these repairs is critical to the success of the project.

The second is the connection of a thin slab of concrete to a (typically) metal railing. The connection detail, typically embedment with grout, is the most common area for deterioration of concrete to start. Modifying these details as part of the repair has, over the years, lead to longer term repairs. On balconies this deterioration typically manifests itself on the surface of the slab, on the underside of the slab, and along the edge of the balcony slab and can be readily observed by the trained eye. Similarly, the railing system, which is also exposed to the same environment, will experience corrosion-related deterioration of the railing elements as well as the anchors that fasten it back to the structure. The continued deterioration of the balcony slabs and railing systems raises a concern with the structural integrity of these elements as well as the risk of a piece of deteriorated concrete falling off the building and damaging property or worse injuring someone on a lower balcony or even on the ground below.