Our latest balcony restoration and water-proofing projects

Our latest balcony restoration and water-proofing projects

By: Armaco Construction | Nov 24, 2015 | Masonry

As with any balcony restoration project the first step is do a full examination of the Entire building envelope.  Once assessed and a scope of work is determined it was time to get to work, for this particular project we brought in an 80 foot straight boom, This allowed us to safely access all project areas and let us not impede the condo owner's garage entrance.

Once all overhead, vertical and horizontal surfaces have been sounded out and demolished and we clean and prep all exposed reinforcing, it is time to install our non-sag, high strength patching material to all patch areas.

Once all Patch work has cured, it is time to install a new  3 step non-slip decorative waterproof deck coating system which consists of a base, mid, and top coat, this process will protect this investment for years to come.

It was apparent from our first inspection that the root cause of the balcony failures was indeed at the balcony railing penetrations, using the existing railings and an epoxy we will ensure that this common problem will be corrected once and for all.


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Our latest balcony restoration and water-proofing projects

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